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28th Oct 2021
Help Finding Username and Password

**You will receive Numerical Username and Password in your email. Also check spam**

16th May 2021
Need a FREE Trial?

Looking for a free trial? click here to be taken to the Trials page >>>>> FREE TRIALS

23rd Apr 2021
Need Help??

Please make sure to message the telegram chat support group. Download the Telegram chat from your phone or pc then click this link to join>> There they will be able to assist you

25th Nov 2020
We do not do refunds!

We try day in and day out to provide you with the best services we can! We supply free trials of both TheRageTV and Genesis to see if our services work well with your internet and devices and for that reason of us giving free trials we do not do any sort of refunding! Get yourself a trial before purchasing to avoid any issues. THX


12th Mar 2020